some sort of freedom within.

Personally I respect what I believe to be an inherent self-authority of others; understanding full well that none of us may be entirely even in full control of our own self-authority of choice/will but we are each subject to biological constraints and enculturated assumptions about the nature of things…

Nevertheless, even within those contraints… I believe there is some sort of freedom within, of even the tiniest sort.  I do not believe in “inevitability”, not even of creatures or mechanical systems… not in this Universe.

In our mathematics and ideals, yes.  But when the map is spread out over reality, the messiness shows itself quite plainly.  In short, plan as though wilt while God has the last laugh as it were.  Randomness is not a good authority to appeal to for all things, for there is choice involved, which is not random, yet it is not full predictable either.

I do not care for excessive people authority over people but a reasonable amount, sure, at least to give balance to sociopathic tendencies with humanity or narcissism.

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