Some social networking stereotypes

Yeah, Facebook is what AOL was. Just remind her that Facebook owns Instagram and Snapchat lies about privacy and saves all the photos for the cops, Tumblr is for pre-teen girls exploring their gender boundaries, 4chan is for assholes, Kik’s ok, Google+ is for furries looking for yiff, (I like google+ myself) and DeviantArt is for pervy teenage girls to get their Rule #34 fantasies out with.

Wait.. maybe not. You’re not supposed to know too much. smile emoticon

But if she calls your a normie, just tell her you found a rare pepe. She’ll flip.

Darn! She’s probably too old for some of it. My ne’s 10 now and I’m a little more aware of the stuff that’s popular in the 8-15 yr old bracket.

[I try to stay two steps ahead so that I’m prepared. Sometimes I’m too prepared and know stuff he hasn’t heard of yet. I’m enjoying that while it lasts]

There’s one social app that’s a little bizarre to me though. It links together college students by 5 mile radius and it’s semi-anonymous. One of those “sounds like a good idea” but has become a hotbed for meangirls and bullying in general. Now there’s another one for high schoolers but that one’s getting clamped down a little faster with _some_ safeguards ’cause they’re under 1

But I’m a weirdo of social networking. I’m barely on any of those services myself. I’m a Viner. THAT’S a weird network and I love it.

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