some serum to live another 50 years, Darwin would be the productive scientist.

He died in 1955.

His last strongly influential work that pushed things forward was published in 1924, 31 years before his death.

“In 1924, together with Satyendra Nath Bose, Einstein developed the theory of Bose–Einstein statistics and Bose–Einstein condensates, which form the basis for superfluidity, superconductivity, and other phenomena”

He critiqued in 1935 but that was as a “response-to”, not an original notion.
“In 1935, together with Boris Podolsky and Nathan Rosen, Einstein put forward what is now known as the EPR paradox, and argued that the quantum-mechanical wave function must be an incomplete description of the physical world”
and even if that is included, that’s STILL another 20 years of non-production.

That’s not to say he wouldn’t produce something or be valuable if alive.

But objectively from what I can see, from the POV of a productive scientist who is putting forward novel work on a regular basis, IF they were brought back to life at the point where they died and given some serum to live another 50 years, Darwin would be the productive scientist.


There really isn’t a “the interpretation” at this point. There’s likely as many people working on theories that are not Copenhagen interpretation as there are people working on Copenhagen interpretation.

There would be plenty of room for Einstein.But he stopped publishing scientifically.

4.1 Other interpretations
4.2 The EPR paradox
4.3 Copenhagen interpretation
4.4 Quantum information theories
4.5 Relational quantum mechanics
4.6 Quantum Bayesianism
4.7 Many worlds
4.8 Consistent histories
4.9 Ensemble interpretation
4.10 De Broglie–Bohm theory
4.11 Quantum Darwinism
4.12 Transactional interpretation
4.13 Stochastic mechanics
4.14 Objective collapse theories
4.15 Consciousness causes collapse (von Neumann–Wigner interpretation)
4.16 Quantum logic
4.17 Modal interpretations of quantum theory
4.18 Time-symmetric theories
4.19 Branching spacetime theories



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