some results from six months of collecting every thought about a year ago. Stuff I easily remember.

well, I kept moving forward. I found certain questions arose over and over again that were like focusers of the chatter:
“What are you avoiding, right now?”
“What’s uniquely now about this moment?”
“Catch that thought before it’s gone” and I’d amplify the thought that was starting to get swallowed by the sea of unconsciousness to be filed away, and I’d use my phonological loop to keep it alive while I’d find a pen and paper.
Through that, I discovered that, at least for me, “now” appears to be about 4 seconds long, with a 1-2 second fade in and a 1-2 second fade out. I can chain them together during the fade parts but if leave it alone to run by itself (just observing), “now” seems to be 4 seconds long.
Lots of my notes were little drawings.of whatever I was working on.
Certain symbols kept popping up. > . < (put the dot in the middle) – and the “slash” or “dash” was prominent for a while, until I realized that what I was seeking was the / or – between hard categories. “either/or” – what’s happening in the slash? +/- – what’s happening in the / ?
Birth date – Death date – our live is in the Dash.
Stuff like that.
Lots of good things. Ultimate reality geometrical analogy that work me at the moment is that everything sort of consists of leaky triangles; they’re not perfect triangles, but they leak forces, or leak _something_ that we’re able to measure. If something was a perfectly enclosed ‘something’ that didn’t leak, there’d be no forces to measure, no inside to discern, no effects and for all human purposes, there’d be no “there”, there – as far as we were concerned.
It wouldn’t even absorb and reflect photons, electrons – nothing. Not really mentally triangles but rather that 4 sided pyramid shape. I can blow it up like a balloon and it becomes a sphere, etc.
The image of double-loop learning cropped up everywhere; “forward feedback loops”.
Let’s see.. lots of stuff kept repeating. Things about Pace and Tempo; the way Time can fold back on itself easily in the brain through memories yet we still talk of it like an arrow, considering cause and effect as linear… yet often the future seems to pull us towards itself even when we are unknowing of the steps involved…
Hmm… Oh and my “how to solve any problem” thing. Start from the highest dimension you have available and work your way down to the lowest dimension. Cut shapes in halves and follow the center line as ‘home-base’ and solve each of the sides separately.
Break it up into triangles that you can “eat” – like cutting pieces of pizza in small enough triangles where the piece easily goes into your mouth.
I did a series of Vines early on which analogized problem solving via different methods of mowing the lawn.
Anyway… yeah – lots of things cropped up over and over again.
Any of it true? I dunno. True for me though.
Oh and my rule? it was one thought per index card. Sometimes I’d use two sides…. or have multiple cards in front of me to catch new thoughts as the came in, if I couldn’t write fast enough.
Oh, another one was the question, “Who are you serving right now?”
That was a biggie, especially if I was helping someone out with something. It gave me focus that the task was nothing without the person I was ultimately doing it for, whether that person be in front of me, or if I was doing something because a kid in the 3rd grade mocked me and I was trying to prove him wrong – that sort of thing. I’d always try to find out who I was “really” serving at the time, and it’s always _somebody_, rarely is it *really* myself.

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