Some random thoughts; a response to lord dissent on google plus

Well they seem like quite rational thoughts to me rather than irrational.  I’m in surprising agreement with a lot of those by the way.  P  The 1st on the list is a thought I keep secretly much of the time; which probably drives my need to explain stuff so much.  I go through over a pot of coffee a day and my happiness quotient is directly related to coffee consumption. (and cigarettes – I’m supposed to feel guilty about nicotene I think, so I don’t usually mention it :P )

Like you I’m a bit in the fatalist camp; also keeping half-a-toe on the “you can change your destiny” camp; because, well, unless you’ve gone through a horrendous brain-washing experience (well we all have; school ) – there’s still the I / me / myself factor,  no matter what the circumstances are;

That gives me a sense (if perhaps delusional by some standard out there) of control; a hope of being able to modify my environment but not an expectation of complete fulfillment of my every wish.

Besides, I can fulfill my hopes in my mind; that’s good enough.  The rest of the world is gonna do what the rest of the world does; I’d not want to end up like a young Bride trying to make The Perfect Wedding that she dreamed of when she was 4 years old; driving everybody batty as she desperately attempts to have Complete Domination over her environment.  Meh.  Not my style.

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