Some meme history

Memes from the 1980s: Now it gets _really_ tricky.

“pwned” was in regular use by the late 1980s, as evidenced by this issue of Phrack, a popular hacker ‘zine of the time.

[as connecting online was a bother, people took more time preparing what they were going to send, so there were much longer text things back then. Twitter wouldn’t have worked in the late 1980s because why would you bother taking all the time to connect just to send a stupid 140 character thing? ]

Memes from the early 1990s : Trickier because most things were text-based. Still, colored text made BBS’ interesting. ANSI Art, ASCII art and taglines (quotes) were the main style of memes.


A meme from 20 years ago, around 1997:

Demotivational Posters. Yes, that’s when they began.


Meme History. This time in the year 2001.
all your base are belong to us.



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