Some thoughts on Chris Harper-Mercer. rage shooter.

Rage is common among young adults. In American black humor, it’s stereotypically white-guy, and they’re kinda right.

There’s a lack of support structures for young isolated adults in the real world. There’s plenty of support online, but since there is such a variety of anger groups that meet online where hating some organization or another is commonplace, I can see how it’s easy to get wrapped up in it.

Combine built up rage, social expectations to “Be A Man” without anybody showing you HOW to be a man and groups encouraging stories of conspiracy against them… it doesn’t surprise me that some will have what they feel are rational excuses to snap.

Solutions are community based but what’s there to do?

Churches USED to serve that function but they are hardly effective in cases of someone who feels disenfranchised by organized religion.

So what’s left? Bars?

Psychological/psychiatric support requires $$$ and self-medication (alcohol, pot, other drugs) has only limited effects in people with existing undiagnosed mental problems exacerbated by online support groups who gladly fuel their mental illness to blossom into maturity.

So, I don’t know. I feel pity for them. Yet, more sorrow for the victims who won’t get much in the way of posthumous fame or infamy as we all focus on the gunman.

I’m doing it too. But there have to be ways to prevent at least _some_ future mass killers from ever even considering it a valid option.

Mind you, I’m not arguing for religion or against religion. Rather, there’s no equivalent social structure available yet for a young angry person that can contain him, keep him busy, keep him stable and going off the deep end.

There needs to be other social systems out there to help people like this. 

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