So yes, holding out might be wise.

yeah. I preferred girls bikes or bikes that were too small for me. I had a nutcrushing 10 speed once. Would’ve gladly chopped off my nuts right there just to stop the accidental crushes. At 10/11 yrs old they were in the way and my dick was just a stupid thing that liked getting stuck in my zipper or showing through bathing suits to the laughter of meangirls.

So yes, holding out might be wise.

Yeah. I mean it’s not like there’s boobs hanging off of one toy and nuts hanging off of another toy. They’re toys. Bikes are transportation. Genital distinctions were for bathroom purposes not toys when you’re kids. I’m glad Target got rid of the boys/girls signs honestly. Now if they could just get rid of all the stupid PINK, maybe toys will have some gender equality to them.

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