So, yeah. Different focus but not so different at all.

Mom was a supervisor of accounts at county prosecutor’s office but also worked in the child abuse dept, and prior to all that did various bookkeeping, factory work (soldering, cookies, whatever was available) and various office jobs, and ran her own business once or twice.

No dad (I am my own grandpa)

I did custodial work from 13-18, bit of college where I helped assist in the computer lab, then back, volunteered full time at a cerebral palsy age 3-21 school for a year, worked at a print shop, carpet cleaning, lots of temp jobs (office, data entry), the last data entry I got bored at and mastered Excel to automate it and ended up becoming a Systems Analyst for a pharmaceutical company for a few years which I parlayed into investing, got a mortgage and now since 2002, I’m running a business to keep my brother working which just pays for things for the 12-13 (lost count) folks living here.

So: she had a mortgage, I got a mortgage.
She worked for govt. I worked for Big Pharma.
She was good with office work stuff. I was good with office work stuff.
She had a business. I have a business.

So, yeah. Different focus but not so different at all.

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