So, where’s me? Where’s subjective me? Objective me? It’s a mixture.

Subject-wise? I see facets. We don’t see every facet of ourselves even from a SUBJECTIVE perspective, although we’re privy to more facets of ourselves than people “outside” of ourselves.

Yet still, they can sometimes see things we can’t.

So, we’re incomplete both subjectively AND objectively. Need both for a more rounded picture of ‘self’.

I got a self-mirror today. Blew my mind honestly. Somebody I don’t know found a bunch of my Vines that I’d uploaded to Internet Archive (I’m going to exist on the Internet when I’m dead in some form in as much of ‘me’ as I can put out there) – and decided to make a “video collage” of it. I was treated with it this morning:

Someone named #LiquidZero – David something. He wrote some music and pieced together some of my early Vines to it. Really amazing to me.

So are you seeing “me” when you see that? Yes.

Is it the subjective me? Well, since I was objectifying the subjective me when I made the vines, yes it is.

Yet, I had nothing to do with the compilation. Someone else did it. A “not me”.

So, where’s me? Where’s subjective me? Objective me? It’s a mixture.


Indeed. We’re “state systems”. Everything would have to be in the same state. Doesn’t matter WHAT makes up that state but it has to be a state system that’s compatible to what would be the “me” state, which is a huge range of potential state, but still ultimately subject to limitations.



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