So when someone is convincing me of something (such as “there is subliminals in advertising”, I’ll read a document but not watch a documentary.

One of the reasons I don’t watch documentaries (including those like these). It’s not so much subliminal in this case but logical. You first accept a few premises. As long as you accept those initial premising, then IF/THEN statements begin until you’re in agreement with their conclusion.

The danger with video documentaries over text is the linearity of them. It’s consumed left to right, start to finish, logical premises through case-building to logical conclusion.

Also, cues like music and visual imagery are also highly used to help gain acceptance of their ideas, whatever they are.

So when someone is convincing me of something (such as “there is subliminals in advertising”, I’ll read a document but not watch a documentary. Human frailty has to be taken into account with these things.


You got it. My reluctance for documentaries is so as to keep my head clear. The breaking point was an SPCA commercial years ago with Sarah McLaughland singing “arms of an angel”. I think animal rights are important and such but by the 2nd or 3rd sad looking kitten or brown dog, I started to get mad at my emotions being manipulated.

I’d already weaned off documentary type things but that was the final straw because I *felt* myself feeling. How may people reach into their wallets and pocketbooks after that? I didn’t want to spoil caring about a cause because they used a manipulative technique, so I turned it off.

I don’t blame them for using the techniques. It works. I wouldn’t classify it as strictly subliminal as it’s certainly possible to break free from it. [for me to consider something truly subliminal there has to be ZERO choice in the matter].

But Edward Bernays manipulative marketing (which is used EVERYWHERE, including titling science papers for maximum pickup by the news outlets or even just among peers), textbooks, and of course marketing, politics, etc *is* everywhere.

It’s not hard to break free of it. I first noticed it when I was an 8 yr old kid, so their pull isn’t *that* strong. But if we let it take us for a ride, it will. It’s our assent to it that makes it work so well.


Believe it or not, I avoid VSauce as well most of the time too. I love his stuff and that’s why I avoid them. They package things together very nicely and neatly. It’s not that they’re inaccurate but when I watch them I have to remind myself that I’m watching for entertainment-with-information.

The reason is the “keeping head clear” thing. Music, images, soothing voices are like lullabies; hypnotic. The thing about hypnosis is that is requires assent. You can’t hypnotise someone against their will. It’s only when they agree to it that it works.



About four years ago I played with hypnosis. Found a script, read it. I’m no good at this stuff, don’t have the voice for it or the cadence or even “the look”.
But I did it. What shocked me is how willing people were to go along with it. Not just on Youtube but other places I posted it and they discussed it. “Oh, you have a great voice for it!” “Oh, what did you DO to me?” etc. But it’s because they were willing participants.
If someone like you were to watch this, I doubt you’d get hypnotized because you’re aware and you’ll be looking for “what’s wrong” with it or analyzing how it works. But someone who *wants* to be, can easily be.
Man, this is cringey.

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