So, what do you think of “Y-Rights@SJUVM.Bitnet”?

From:    HAMP::KUDUT        “Children’s Rights List Co-ordinator” 26-SEP-1991 13:46:31.38
Subj:    RE: Messages received: what is said and what is not said . . . .

Hmm….. how ’bout “Y-Rights”?  It’s an unconventional name… and it
can have double meaning….

Y-Rights could mean “Why rights?”  in conjunction with

Young Rights or Youth Rights or Your rights…  It’s probably to
ambiguious to fit the bill…  but, as people knew that
“” was for Rights, and not for a discussion
of how difficult it is to raise a child, etc…  the people that subscribe
to Y-Rights would do so with the understanding that the list was for
discussion of the rights of kids and teens (and saying the combination
“Kids and Teens” sounds fine to me, for some strange reason… maybe
because it gives a tie… a connection between the two that is often
lost in the shuffle…

Anyway…  my ideas lately have been coming to you unedited,
and I’m sorry for the train-of-thought E-Mails…

So, what do you think of “Y-Rights@SJUVM.Bitnet”?


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