So, they were easy ones. I hate to be mean, but they were easy ones. Kurzweil made easy ones before. Not the current ones.

His earlier predictions though, were easy ones. He was predicting people finishing the prototypes that ALREADY existed at the time of his predictions.

I predicted a lot of that stuff in 1990-1995 because I saw people already working on it, making headway, etc.

So, they were easy ones. I hate to be mean, but they were easy ones.

The ones he’s predicting? Most of it, there’s too much undone yet to get close to any of that. Plus, the curve he’s counting on stopped working a few years back.…/189…/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top… depended on the same way of thinking.

Mind you, I LIKE HIM a lot. He’s very inspirational to people. But.. these predictions are too close in time.

Maybe later, yes. But this soon? No. Unless he has some pipelines to go by. The earlier predictions had pipelines; people were working on those things already and had primitive version of them.

These things? Not that I’ve seen.

I could be wrong of course. But he has to flatten out the curve quite a bit. Then again, he’s been pushing for singularity for a long time so he’s not about to stop now. He has lots of believers now and can’t disappoint them.

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