So the US Prison system is the extension of slavery from the exception in the 13th amendment? Fascinating… never knew.

So, to understand what’s being said:
People make money off the backs of slaves.
Private slavery ended in the 13th Amendment.
Government slavery began in the 13th Amendment.
The form of slavery is the Prison system of the USA.

So, slavery continues to be primarily minority, although just as there were white slaves in the past, there are still white slaves today, explaining the presence of white slaves in the form of prisoners.

The premise is that money is being made off the backs of the prison slaves.

My only question is this:

What work are these slaves doing?

I can definitely go with the argument that the exception clause in the 13th Amendment created the conditions for transferal of slaves from private to government ownership – at the time.

But today?

I don’t know. Perhaps I’d have to read the book but it’s not really my thing.

I _can_ however, see a good portion of his argument and I find it agreeable. Just, not all of it.

And  ? The migration of people from socialist –> capitalist USA is not a counter argument for it assumes foreknowledge of the potential to become government slaves.

Just as the concept of Prison-as-institutionalized-slavery is new to me, I well imagine it would also be a surprise to anybody who is migrating here.


I had to really think about it. I’ve heard that “prison is institutionalized slavery” before yet I thought it had to do with the number of minorities incarcerated.

But I never knew of the connection to the 13th amendment exception. That blew my mind.



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