So, sometime last year, I decided to make a game with the largest map of any game. So, I took the Greyhound Bus route as it existed and made a Text Adventure by connecting all of the routes together properly, complete with their norths and souths all correct. I was going to make it interesting, with people, stuff happening, a quest but once I succeeded in making it possible to get to anywhere from anywhere… with minimal clues on how to get there. [each of the directions is stated as it would if you were actually in that particular greyhound terminal number, I put it aside. Just remembered it today. A game where nothing happens but travel. Largest map in the history of games, text adventure, with no adventure. Still, I had fun making it. It deposits you randomly somewhere in the USA or Canada. Boring within 5 moves :P

Start From Where You Are. (Alpha – help me test map) via

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