So, save what matters. [response to news of Yahoo’s demise]

They were going places in the mid/late 00s. I found Yahoo EXTREMELY useful. They were a HUGE part of Web 2.0 and allowed me to make decent money by leveraging their AMAZING tools particularly Yahoo Pipes. What a brilliant project that was!

But from around 2011/12 onwards, they lost their way. Starting trying to monetize things that weren’t really all that monetizable.

I suppose it was a last ditch effort but once they left the search engine scene and were starting to cap the Pipes, AND at the same time Google slapped my profitable, productive website back to nowheresville at the same time, I just said, “F’it”. [not the website below – but a different project I was doing]

I have to put it on the pile with Gopher, BBS’, Geocities, and AOL’s old message forums, lost during the great wipe of… was that 2007? 2009? I forget, and the gradual decline of Google Groups.

Our collective Internet memory is fading. New horizons aboud and I look forward to the future, but I watch the past crumble at the same time.

I save what I can. Little text files here and there. my whole site is my way of preserving at least my OWN words… especially from the earlier by-gone era.

I see similar things happening in the future with The Cloud. Lots of information will be lost once the cloud ceases to be “The Thing” and yet more backup systems are wiped for whatever the NEXT new thing is. Will it be Quantum computers? Some new way of resurrecting old ideas?

Whatever the case is [mind you, I like the cloud, I just wouldn’t depend on it to be around for 15-20 years] – gotta take care of your own data and not depend on company’d hanging around forever.

Facebook? This? This will go away. This message I’m writing, if I don’t save it, will be gone forever, even as I’m typing it.

So, save what matters.

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