So now that I put a mark “out there” solidifying the 146 entries by not only publishing a Kindle Book on an ontology of Change (irony noted in the Foreword) but making it available in Paperback, I’m going to see how much I can continue to grow it from there. These were based on the short versions of the statements such as: 1 Change is intrinsic 2 Instability is fundamental 3 Nothing remains permanently fixed

So now that I put a mark “out there” solidifying the 146 entries by not only publishing a Kindle Book on an ontology of Change (irony noted in the Foreword) but making it available in Paperback, I’m going to see how much I can continue to grow it from there. These were based on the short versions of the statements such as:
1 Change is intrinsic
2 Instability is fundamental
3 Nothing remains permanently fixed

Field of Study/Knowledge Domain
Paradigm/Equivalent Concept

1 Philosophy, Quantum Mechanics
Intrinsic nature of particles, Essence of existence

2 Thermodynamics, Chaos Theory
Entropy, Butterfly Effect

3 Philosophy, Buddhism
Impermanence, Anicca

4 Linguistics, Evolutionary Biology
Semantic drift, Evolutionary adaptation

5 Physics, Systems Theory
Dynamic equilibrium, Homeostasis

6 Thermodynamics, Engineering
Work-Energy Principle, Stability engineering

7 Relativity Theory, Philosophy
Relativism, Contextual understanding

8 Physics, Mechanics
Equilibrium of forces, Balance

9 Mathematics, Topology
Continuity, Morphisms

10 Biology, Ecology
Regeneration, Ecological succession

11 Evolutionary Biology, Mythology
Metamorphosis, Transformation narratives

12 Mathematics, Set Theory
Continuity, Disjoint unions

13 Relativity Theory
Reference frames, Observer effect

14 Fractal Geometry, Ecology
Self-similarity, Trophic scales

15 Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy
Observer effect, Subjectivity

16 Systems Theory, Innovation Studies
Disruptive Innovation, System Reset

17 Ecology, Environmental Science
Nutrient cycling, Sustainability

18 Chaos Theory, Evolutionary Biology
Punctuated equilibrium, Adaptive radiation

19 Developmental Biology, Philosophy
Ontogeny, Becoming

20 Physics, Differential Calculus
State transition, Rate of change

21 Process Philosophy, Developmental Psychology
Becoming, Maturation

22 Multidisciplinary Studies, Sociology
Intersectionality, Multifaceted dynamics

23 Genetics, Physiology
Genetic expression, Neuroplasticity

24 Cognitive Science, Behavioral Psychology
Cognitive restructuring, Behavior modification

25 Epistemology, Social Psychology
Paradigm shift, Social influence

26 Psychology, Neuroscience
Emotional intelligence, Neuroplasticity

27 Ecology, Evolutionary Biology
Niche adaptation, Evolutionary pressure

28 Sociology, Anthropology
Social dynamics, Cultural evolution

29 Economics, Business Studies
Economic transition, Market dynamics

30 Political Science, History
Regime change, Power dynamics

31 Education, Developmental Psychology
Lifelong learning, Cognitive development

32 Business Studies, Technology
Disruptive innovation, Tech evolution

33 Psychology, Ecology
Coping mechanisms, Ecosystem resilience

34 Systems Theory, Economics
System shock, Economic volatility

35 Psychology, Sociology
Status quo bias, Cultural inertia

36 Psychology, Philosophy
Five stages of grief, Existential angst

37 Physics, Chemistry
Thermodynamics, Chemical reactions

38 Chemistry, Biology
Enzymatic action, Biological catalysts

39 Physics, Systems Theory
Equilibrium, Homeostasis

40 Nuclear Physics, Quantum Mechanics
Decay processes, Quantum uncertainty

41 Nuclear Physics, Chemistry
Nuclear reactions, Elemental transformation

42 Nuclear Physics, Radiology
Radioactive decay, Half-life

43 Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry
Heat transfer mechanisms, Phase transitions

44 Physical Chemistry, Materials Science
Phase change dynamics, Material properties

45 Thermodynamics, Chaos Theory
Second Law of Thermodynamics, Increase in entropy

46 Evolutionary Biology, Genetics
Natural selection, Genetic adaptations

47 Developmental Biology, Physiology
Growth processes, Cellular differentiation

48 Evolutionary Biology, Genetics
Genetic variation, Adaptive evolution

49 Sociology, Cultural Anthropology
Social constructs, Cultural shifts

50 Cultural Anthropology, History
Cultural evolution, Historiographical change

51 Anthropology, History
Tradition evolution, Historical continuity

52 Sociology, Political Science
Social movements, Reformist ideologies

53 Information Technology, Sociology
Technological evolution, Digital revolution

54 Systems Theory, Economics
System turbulence, Economic volatility

55 Economics, Business Studies
Market dynamics, Supply-demand shifts

56 Economics, Global Studies
Production trends, Global trade dynamics

57 Economics, Political Science
Economic treaties, Political alliances

58 Political Science, Sociology
Power redistribution, Socio-political shifts

59 Political Science, Law
Institutional reforms, Legislative changes

60 Political Science, Human Rights
Civil rights evolution, Policy changes

61 Psychology, Philosophy
Cognitive shifts, Epistemological change

62 Psychology, Neuroscience
Emotional intelligence, Neuroplasticity

63 Psychology, Sociology
Identity evolution, Social roles

64 Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychology
Behavioral modification, Cognitive restructuring

65 Psychology, Behavioral Science
Habit formation, Skill acquisition

66 Psychology, Medical Science
Recovery processes, Rehabilitation

67 Theology, Sociology
Spiritual transformation, Societal integration

68 Psychology, Philosophy
Value realignment, Ethical shifts

69 Theology, Philosophy
Spiritual awakening, Existential realization

70 Economics, Systems Theory
Incremental growth, Systemic accumulation

71 Systems Theory, Business Management
Incremental gains, Process optimization

72 Quality Management, Engineering
Continuous improvement, Iterative refinement

73 Systems Theory, Sociology
Rapid systemic change, Societal disruptions

74 Economics, Political Science
Economic shocks, Political upheavals

75 Innovation Studies, Technology
Technological disruption, Paradigm shifts

76 Astronomy, Economics
Celestial cycles, Economic cycles

77 Physics, Systems Theory
Oscillatory systems, Feedback loops

78 Ecology, History
Natural resurgence, Historical cycles

79 Mathematics, Systems Theory
Chaos theory, Unpredictable dynamics

80 Mathematics, Physics
Sensitivity to initial conditions, Quantum unpredictability

81 Systems Theory, Sociology
Emergent phenomena, Social order from chaos

82 Business Strategy, Psychology
Goal-oriented behavior, Intentional actions

83 Psychology, Philosophy
Visionary thinking, Conceptual clarity

84 Business Management, Sociology
Change management, Social interventions

85 Ecology, Economics
Natural variations, Market fluctuations

86 Evolutionary Biology, Business Strategy
Adaptive responses, Reactive strategies

87 Crisis Management, Political Science
Crisis resolution, Policy changes in emergencies

88 Quantum Mechanics, Philosophy
Wave function collapse, Uncertainty principle

89 Quantum Physics, Chemistry
Quantum tunneling, Energy borrowing mechanisms

90 Atomic Physics, Chemistry
Quantum leaps, Electron transitions

91 Nuclear Physics, Radiology
Radioactive processes, Probability-driven decay

92 Nuclear Physics, Energy Studies
E=mc^2, Nuclear energy conversion

93 Quantum Mechanics, Nuclear Physics
Quantum interactions, Subatomic exchanges

94 Chemistry, Biology
Chemical reactions, Metabolic pathways

95 Chemistry, Molecular Biology
Molecular geometry, Protein structures

96 Chemistry, Thermodynamics
Chemical equilibrium, Energetic considerations

97 Biochemistry, Molecular Biology
Protein dynamics, Amino acid interactions

98 Genetics, Evolutionary Biology
Genetic diversity, Natural selection

99 Sociology, Cultural Studies
Social evolution, Cultural dynamics

100 Genetics, Molecular Biology
Genetic modification, Epigenetic influences

101 Cellular Biology, Genetics
Cell cycle, DNA replication

102 Cellular Biology, Physiology
Cellular processes, Tissue regeneration

103 Developmental Biology, Genetics
Cellular differentiation, Genetic expression

104 Physics, Psychology
Expansion and contraction, Growth and regression

105 Medicine, Physiology
Healing processes, Cellular repair

106 Physiology, Biomechanics
Adaptive remodeling, Structural optimization

107 Developmental Biology, Genetics
Ontogeny, Genetic programming

108 Gerontology, Medicine
Aging processes, Cellular senescence

109 Systems Biology, Physiology
Systemic interactions, Menstrual cycle dynamics

110 Physical Chemistry, Thermodynamics
Chemical equilibrium, Dynamic balance

111 Thermodynamics, Energy Studies
Energy dispersion, Second Law of Thermodynamics

112 Systems Theory, Physics
Dissipative structures, Energy flow dynamics

113 Systems Biology, Complexity Theory
System complexity, Localized order

114 Psychology, Philosophy
Self-concept, Identity dynamics

115 Systems Theory, Thermodynamics
System complexity, Entropy in open systems

116 Fluid Dynamics, Systems Theory
Turbulence, Chaotic regimes

117 Thermodynamics, Complex Systems
Far-from-equilibrium states, Emergent structures

118 Biochemistry, Systems Biology
Metabolic pathways, Coupled reactions

119 Systems Theory, Economics
Dynamic equilibrium, Market optimization

120 Evolutionary Biology, Ecology
Symbiotic evolution, Co-dependence

121 Evolutionary Biology, Systems Theory
Interconnected evolution, Complex causality

122 Ethics, Innovation Studies
Ethical innovation, Value-aligned development

123 Evolutionary Biology, Philosophy
Evolutionary novelty, Self-transcendence

124 Psychology, Art Studies
Creative processes, Change catalysts

125 Systems Biology, Philosophy
Higher-order emergence, Complexity

126 Buddhism, Philosophy
Impermanence, Detachment

127 Buddhism, Psychology
Suffering, Emotional acceptance

128 Philosophy, Psychology
Open-mindedness, Acceptance of change

129 Systems Theory, Ecology
Systemic repercussions, Ecological balance

130 Systems Theory, Sociology
Holistic understanding, Systemic dynamics

131 Ethics, Environmental Studies
Interconnected responsibility, Environmental stewardship

132 Futures Studies, Philosophy
Open futures, Determinism vs. free will

133 Biology, Philosophy
Nature’s diversity, Inexhaustible novelty

134 Philosophy, Systems Theory
Control dynamics, Inherent unpredictability

135 Sociology, Philosophy
Social shaping, Collective influence

136 Ethics, Philosophy
Ethical decision-making, Unpredictable outcomes

137 Sociology, Philosophy
Cooperative shaping, Collective reality

138 Evolutionary Biology, Psychology
Adaptive evolution, Cognitive flexibility

139 Biology, Systems Theory
Evolutionary reconfiguration, System resilience

140 Systems Theory, Control Theory
Feedback loops, System regulation

141 Psychology, Sociology
Identity dynamics, Societal roles

142 Psychology, Philosophy
Self-concept, Fluid identity

143 Philosophy, Ethics
Universal viewpoint, Ethical compassion

144 Psychology, Philosophy
Mental clarity, Cognitive dissonance

145 Psychology, Philosophy
Emotional balance, Mindful action

146 Philosophy, Education
Wisdom cultivation, Balanced understanding

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