So, kudos hacker and also, FU hacker.

sigh  Personal + Household accounts wiped clean.  Business intact. US Bank fraud departments are slow but they’ll get it back.  10 Days?  No.  10 Business Days.

I never liked the idea of a “Business Day” – such a ridiculous notion.

That’s all the days not a weekend or holiday.  Just call it 2 1/2 weeks which is what it ends up being for all practical purposes.

Meh.  Oh well.  For the next few days, someone will enjoy some phantom money in India.  [that’s where it went].  Actually, they took a lot more than I even had, leaving me with a big ‘negative balance’.

I’m not worried.  It’ll get sorted out and I’ll have to call a few companies in a few days and say ” HEY, NOT MY FAULT  – I’d appreciate not being penalized if possible.

Part of me says, “Good job worldwide banking system hacker, you got money from the System”.

The other part of me says, “But why did it have to be mine?”

But, the banking system is a game.  I participate by having accounts and that makes me a player.   It’s actually a fun game, especially when you get to the level of playing with stocks and money markets, which I did for a while.

I never hacked it though, just outwitted using normal rules.

And, like all games, sometimes someone slides in sideways and your Monopoly Money disappears from in front of you.

So, kudos hacker and also, FU hacker.  My next play is phone calls.  I made my first to the fraud department.  Their next play is going back to you.  I have more phone calls to make, which starts other games that they have to play.

And, within 2 1/2 weeks… oh wait, 10 business days the money will be back in my account.

Enjoy your free cash but honestly, I hope you stub your toe and get a papercut for the bad timing.   Well, bad for me, not for you.  Have a good papercut.

Also, it’s not likely that it was hacking anyway.  It was probably just stolen account numbers.  So now, part of my next play is vigilance.  The bank will do it for me, watching for unauthorized charges from this one place, but if I see it from other places, I’ll have to get a set of accounts numbers, which is really annoying ’cause I’ve had these forever, through 5 different bank name changes.

That’s also probably why they EVENTUALLY made their way into a steal-able database/text file somewhere: So many years with the same numbers, someone was bound to come across it and find a money-transfer company with pathetic security measures.  I liked those numbers – they play like a song.

But hopefully it’s just a one-time event and I’ll get to keep them.  Yes, I hope he/she gets a papercut, stubs his/her PINKY TOE and watches a movie with a really bad ending that leaves them disappointed at the poor storyline and execution of the plot and terrible editing.  That’ll make up for it.  Well, the emotional distress, which is at about that level.

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