So, just among white women, not including PoC, that’s a large pool of women who might not hesitate to join in a cause like this.

“white women without college degrees: 62% voted for Trump”
That means among that pool of women, 38% didn’t vote for Trump.

45% of white women with college degrees voted for Trump. That means 55% of white women with college degrees did *not* vote for Trump.

So, just among white women, not including PoC, that’s a large pool of women who might not hesitate to join in a cause like this.

I’m looking for married/unmarried statistics too. I *think* among women who voted for Trump, a lot were married, as conservatism often follows marriage and kids.

This would further increase the possibility for a larger pool of single women that may be in a position to possibly say, “Just say no to Trump supporting dates”.


Ok, I have some confirmation here on married vs unmarried.

Assuming unmarried women are dating is a potential error.
Assuming married women are NOT dating is potential error.


More limitations on potential dating pools. This also centers around white women.

Consider who might typically be in a position to be dating by considering who might NOT be a position to be dating:

The ages and religions affiliations might make a difference in “who voted for Trump among women”.

If these majorities are taken out of the total of “white women who voted for Trump”, you may end up with a much higher percentage of younger, other religions/non-religious white women who might be inclined to not date male Trump supporters.


The KKK Grand dragon guy lives a block away from me here. They meet up now and again but it seems to be mostly middle age / older men talking about how the South should’ve won and probably roleplaying or something, I dunno. There’s a bit of white power influence in the elementary/middle/high schools in this part of the city, but it’s not that huge. Things are surprisingly tame here because in this part, there’s a lot of Hatians, Mexicans, artists along with the regular rednecks. Sort of a “live and let live”.

Not sure about the rich part though.

I think East and North of here things start to go more democratic generally. Florida’s a surprisingly mixed state politically, although generally republican leaning.


I’ve only met a few genuine Florida people here though. Almost everybody comes here from somewhere else.


I regularly see pickup trucks with a pair of nuts hanging from the back of it.

Might be the same few trucks though.



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