So it sounds like his geometrical beliefs were a synthesis of Thales, Anaximander and the Egyptian Diospolis religion.


So it sounds like his geometrical beliefs were a synthesis of Thales, Anaximander and the Egyptian Diospolis religion.

but wait! there’s more: Did you notice: he was instructed in the mystical rites of the Magoi … also known as Magi:

It did, although it was what we’d call Near East now, perhaps Middle East. Yet, at the same time, there *is* a “Far East” connection that’s very strong to China, so as always with history, blurred lines. Many blurred lines in reality which only seem crisp and clean on artificial timelines.


The standard English translation “Wise men” TOTALLY misses that interesting point.


Indeed. The way we’re taught history unfortunately is in a very “skipping stones” fashion… and cultures are treated as-if they were FAR FAR AWAY from each other and only associated in times of War.

But nothing could be further from the truth. Just like today, the ancients were cosmopolitan and ventured far and wide for trading goods and ideas, schools and religions with each other.


Very true, and not just religion. Our modern Sciences and mathematics owe their current existence not so much DESPITE various religions and cultures, but rather BECAUSE OF.

Dawkins wouldn’t be able to say “take down all religion” if it wasn’t for all of the religions that supported the ideological roads to get there. Killing momma and poppa.


Interestingly, the commonly taught “History of Science” that we are using at present is POSITIVELY a Joseph Campbellian Myth, which is why I laugh everytime somebody recites standard “history of Science” at me. To me, they’re doing a reading of Star Wars or Gospels.

Well, in a sense it can be said that the US is a Christian nation *generally speaking*, should one consider the strong influence Christian groups have had over the various legal mandates and such.

Heck, go further back:

English Common Law itself is the Christian Sharia Law.

Wouldn’t dare say that TOO loudly but it’s true.



If you map out the English Common Law based countries and the Sharia Law countries vs the civil law countries, you’ll see very clearly who is warring against who and who isn’t, from a far-off zoom of cultures and history.

So when Dawkins or Maher gets Islamaphobic, he may PERSONALLY declare himself atheist, but he’s acting from within the context of a Christian Common Law culture, making him a Christian-by-proxy from a long-scale historical pov.


You may be one of the few people who can see the accuracy of the statement: Dawkins is a Christian. I can think of MANY people that would shoot me at the mere mention of the idea tongue emoticon


This doesn’t mean we can’t escape our received heritages fully but it’s not an easy task.


I could write a book about it: “Why New Atheists are really Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians” but I would not live to see publication. tongue emoticon


Oh gawd the ancient alien stuff lol. Between the ages of 12-14 I ate that stuff up. I had a well-worn copy of that was my grandmother’s. She ate up that stuff too. I kept her love of Doctor Who with me, but by the time X-Files came out 10 years later, I found myself face-palming at that stuff ’cause I’d already gone through it smile emoticon


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