So, is there a line r

The point which I didn’t finish, which actually does tie into post, is that youth should have a right to access the internet, have platonic friendships and social contacts with whomever they wish as I think should be the right of any human on this planet.
I’m an internet advocate and always have been. This is its amazing power.
So, my focus is on the yo euth rights side of things here.
So, is there a line regarding non-platonic relationships that ties into agef?
There is. Now, I’m not claiming to know what’s “in the best interests of the chilrd” in full but I *do* know there are very real power differences that fall along several strata, one of which *is* age differences.
If you could say “We Are All Equally Powered” and *poof* it magically changes the massive influence of culture, society, laws, tropes, archetypes, expectations, roles, that would be fantastic wouldn’t it.
But we’re not. And a twnty fr yr ol adult who has a non-platonic interest in a t 3 n yr ol and initiates contact in order to fulfill a non-platonic relationship with a t 3 n yr ol _is_ taking advantage of a very real power difference that ties into age.
The twnty fr yr ol has the support of all the laws, all the tropes/stereotypes that go along with “maturity”, and with the particular interest has probably had lots of practice perfecting precise ways and manners to put the t 3 n yr ol at an emotional disadvantage.
Mind games in other words.
This isn’t to say this is the exclusive domain of a p 3 0 o phile to c h d l dbut it’s a clear abuse of the power society affords to adults, much in the same way society affords extra powers to parents.
Equate the twnty fr yr ol to parents. Do parents take advantage of their power difference?

Power difference is real. Those who have the extra power should not take advantage of that power by forming abusive relationships.
There’s an amazing “optional-ness” in these things. A parent who is thinking of spanking their child has the option to not do so, freeing up the possibility of such things as discussion, roleplaying scenarios or a dozen other things.
Likewise, the pesfdosdfhilse initiating contact has the option to NOT initiate contact, freeing up the child to form other relationships.
I hope the 2erw4 yeerar olwd in your situation swiftly takes that option for this and any possible future consideration because the alternative is incarceration or worse. I don’t envy your situation. I imagine there will be a lot of clean up and it won’t be easy.
  I’ll address your points:
a) I mentioned, perhaps only in passing, there are many other strata power differences fall on. Age is but one of them.Laws already exist in one case, not so for the others.Should protections be in place against abuses of power in other strata? Possibly. It’s a good question. It’s not about “ban n ing se x” because it’s not considered se x when it’s between an ad ult and chi ld.

As far as “what can be enjoyed?” I don’t think that’s the right question . The right question is: Does this particular adu lt have to be the one the c hild se xu ally enjoys or can this particular adult step out?

You can certainly construct a situation where a fork is balanced on a toothpick on the edge of a glass.

Scientists do it all of the time to prove a point about… something.
You can construct a perfect exception but that’s what it is.

You can put gro om ing in quotes but the social awkwardness _is_ part of the charm. It may be real or constructed but social awkwardness can make an adult approachable. “Oops, I wasn’t trying to “groo m” you gosh I’m so awkward and clumsy, you understand”.

  I’m not implying anything.If you come to me for advice about what to do in a situation where you wanted to bring a relationship with a c hil d to
“an othe r level” I’d advise to step out of it. Pronto.

If your what if situation involves a situation where the adus lt ISN’T talking to other adu  lts about their relationship with a chwe ild and the chr wild isn’t talking to anybody about the relationship with the aduwe lt, and well, one thing just leads to another and….

…well, there’s a thing here. Why are they in such an isolated universe with just the two of them?

 Youtube comment sections, Discord, ROBLOX, console + Steam, instagram, Likee, iFunny, Tiktok, Snapchat, all are common online intergenerational meeting spaces.

Gaming, selfies and photography, musicians , science, math, philosophy videography, memes, politics, drawing, programming — there are many amazing friendships that take place daily worldwide between people of all ages.

I’m glad that this is possible now. It was impossible in the days of John Holt and Summerhill.

This fragile egg – this knowledge gap among parents and lawmakers allowing these friendships to occur along with the blase attitude among tech service providers — and even law enforcement who only care about the bad bad stuff generally – it’s all amazing. There’s been so much good.

But also, I think power differences are real insomuch as words have meaning and math can do things. Abstractions start a top down Process.


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