So, I try to straddle the extremes.

lol yes, I even saw a few videos.  [an interview I think].  As I’ve always been prone towards alt.theories about things, I always have to watch my time-cube-side.

When I was 11-12-13, I read a bunch of Lynda Goodman books – well, two, – Sunsigns and Star signs and practiced lucid dreaming and stuff.  Ate it up along with Ancient Aliens from that Danish guy – Chariots of the Gods.. .all that stuff.

I grew up.  I couldn’t watch X-Files ’til the series was almost over (then I gave in) because I was like, “that’s the crap I learned about in the early 1980s!” and Chris Carter I think was my generation, so it was logical he read the same stuff I did.  He was smart enough to make a TV series out of it :P

I think the last time something really “got me” is when I was going through numbers and I charted spiral using 42.  I don’t know what I did, how I did it, but I could see a pattern and I was like, OMG THE NUMBER SYSTEM IS CRACKED! – and told a friend who is into math and stuff.  He laughed and was like, “Yeah, old stuff there.” and went into some technical detail of all the places Base10 has flaws that are well known among number lovers.

So, I put it aside thankfully.  I was REALLY close to being one of those, “numbers have real significance” people, and searching for “elegant formulas” and stuff.  so close.

So, a tendency I have to watch for.  I like making esoteric connections because it’s fun but I try to stay on the sane side of the Time-Cube.  It’s really easy to either: a) lose creativity and just stick to the party line, which is fine or b) go off the deep end.  So, I try to straddle the extremes.

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