So, I just got hold of a copy of: “Portraying Analogy

So, I just got hold of a copy of:

“Portraying Analogy (1981), which was the first fundamental examination of the topic since Cajetan (Thomas Cajetan) in 1498” by JF Ross.

Since the practicality of analogy (and misuse of it, especially metaphor, where the mapping is often very abstracted analogies) has been an interest of mine ever since the school tests of: hand : palm :: foot : sole – finding a complete, modern treatment of Analogy from a classic Philosophical point of view will be a treat for me.

Also, as I don’t generally “speak Philosophy”, this will be a good excuse to learn some of the subtleties of the lingo as i go along, because I have a strong interest in Analogy and I love the idea that there was a 500 year gap between similar works.

No question for your to ponder here, just sharing an interesting find.

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