so I got to hear myself a LOT – and surprisingly, nobody rejected me for it

I’d occasionally make Youtube videos and never cared for my voice, as most people (like you said – likely everybody!).

But when I got Vine (little 6 second videos), after a while I learned to accept my voice. One day I thought, “Wait a second, if EVERYBODY ELSE, has to hear my voice like that, why do I think that the way _I_ hear it in my head is so special?”

In short, I got over myself smile emoticon Probably after the first month. I’ve made… 11,000+ little 6 second videos (not all with me talking but many with), so I got to hear myself a LOT – and surprisingly, nobody rejected me for it smile emoticon


It’s very rare that I’m being one thankfully. But there’s cases where I’ve been tired and cranky and stuff was coming out of my mouth that I didn’t want to. I was running on “cranky” – sort of automatic… didn’t have coffee…. “babble mode” I call it. It’s why I keep a supply of coffee on hand smile emoticon


I also warn people: “I didn’t have coffee yet.” Yet, they insist on asking difficult questions where I have to think and I’m not ready.

“I didn’t have my coffee yet. Let me have my coffee first.”

And they continue.

I know if I open my mouth to try to respond to them, it’s not going to be pretty. Once started, it doesn’t stop until they leave me alone and I can get my coffee. But that can be hours later. I just “respond” – not much conscious thought about the content. There’s such a thing as excessive honesty and I don’t like getting into that state tongue emoticon

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