So, I got recommended “Charles Koch Institute”

So, I got recommended “Charles Koch Institute” by FB and wow, they’re putting me in a bind here.

SOME libertarian ideals I strongly agree with but SOME go way too far and ONLY serve corporate interests under the GUISE of citizen rights to liberty. A sham that knows how to hit a lot of smart buttons and they can afford it. A list of Koch media and political organizations.

If you see or share anything from these groups, just know who’s paying for it all. That’s not saying it’s evil evil, just know there’s a reason for it.

Emergent Order
Freethink Media
Mercury Radio/The Blaze
Moving Picture Institute
Red Edge
Saturday Evening Post
Ventures Africa
Young Voices

Acton Institute
American Enterprise Institute
Americans for Prosperity Foundation
Atlas Network
Beacon Center of Tennessee
Bill of Rights Institute
Buckeye Institute
California Public Policy Center
Cato Institute
Cause of Action
Charles G. Koch Foundation
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Empire Center for New York State Policy
Foundation for Economic Education
Foundation for Government Accountability
Heritage Foundation
Institute for Humane Studies
Institute for Justice
James Madison Institute
Kansas Policy Institute
Liberty Justice Center
MacIver Institute for Public Policy
Mackinac Center
Mercatus Center
National Taxpayers Union Foundation
Nevada Policy Research Institute
Pacific Legal Foundation
Reason Foundation
Show-Me Institute
Texas Public Policy Foundation
The Fund for American Studies
Young Americans for Liberty Foundation


America’s Future Foundation
American Council of Trustees and Alumni
American Legislative Exchange Council
Center for Competitive Politics
The Daily Caller News Foundation
Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity
Institute for Energy Research
Law and Economics Center at George Mason University
National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation
State Policy Network
Tax Foundation

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