So I gave him: BRAIN DUMP

He’s a super-smart 10 yr old who had a mysterious tummyache after eating a weird combination of foods, as 10 yr old boys do.. and grown men ahem.. yeah, me too.
So I gave him: BRAIN DUMP
All in one shot.
Tried to leave nothing out, took about 5-6 minutes of non-stop writing.  [110 wpm .. my poor keyboard – I broke the 1st one on this laptop]…and tried to tie together as much of the chemical and biological aspects as I could, while inserting “how to” advice.

Super smart kid.  Homeschooled I think,  With parental permissions in place,  we made a let’s play Minecraft over … wow 2 yrs ago – Jan 2013 –  so he would’ve been 8 at the time.

I played the buffoon, which wasn’t terribly difficult, and he was the smart one, which was easy because, he was.

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