So, I don’t really have a good answer but I have my tale.

We converse all the time. I first read about inner child stuff when it was in a book sitting on the back of my toilet tank when I was around 11-13 years old that my grandmother or mother was reading.

Between that and finding an old book “Your child from 9-15″ from the 50s that I read when I was 12 and compared… I became fascinated about life stages from that time on.

I wrote a note to myself to open when I would be 42 (Douglas adams) when I was 17 and I opened it up when I was 42. It had predictions of what kind of man I’d become, troubles to overcome from that time. I was sad about leaving childhood at 17 but after writing that, realized it wasn’t necessary, not entirely.

50 now. Still talk to my 11 year old self a lot. Keeps me in check. Occasional discussions with my 24 year old self as well. All depends on need.

I like the person I am. Any improvement I want to do has to be from today forward so I don’t think of the past what-ifs – TARDIS is broken right now – and if I do, I look for people who did the path I thought I could have and cheer them on for doing it for me instead.

So, I don’t really have a good answer but I have my tale.

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