So here, this is how Art called “Nothing” is really something.

Did I post this?  Wait, I don’t think I did.  There was a discussion in a Philosophy group about whether an empty room with Art where there’s nothing there, and the piece is called Nothing – is really Art?

Well, there was a long drawn out debate. My point that “yes it is” wasn’t getting across.  So, after pointing out how people contribute big money for Art in order to have experiences and almost getting somewhere, I drew up this illustration for one of the members, who then understood what I was saying.

The best side effect?  A very powerful Logician who was debating suddenly says, “I agree with Kenneth” and wrote four or five paragraphs in almost the exact same style that I might have.

Even if he hadn’t said, “I agree with Kenneth”, I would still have been impressed; that was just the cherry on top.  And the shift in attitude happened all after I drew this up and posted it.


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