So here it is. I hope it helps somebody out there.

As I’m somewhat obsessed these days with finding “decide for yourself” objective reporting, I created a page that, if it works, will pull in Congressional bills as they are put forth in the Senate and House. It’s already pulling in C-SPAN videos as they arrive. [I’m pretty proud of transforming them to work in RSS form].

I consider C-SPAN to be as least-based as possible, as it is part of their mission. I never cared much for the channel, because I generally find politics boring, but because I *have to* pay attention in this administration, I’m going to.

So here it is. I hope it helps somebody out there.

My inspiration has been this: I’ve noticed that the 45th President seems to be giving the Republican majority Congress its every wish, in order to gather their support for his pet projects.

For _any_ Executive Office to bolster Congress on everything is not good as it spoils the checks and balances of the system.

So, I’m watching this time.



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