So, for me, the role of the village idiot is about the best I can do. I

Agreed. I mock my own narcissism regularly, part of my humility routine, by sticking my face in comical scenarios.

My current profile picture on Google+ and Vine, where I somehow I have a combined following of 14000 individuals, is my face plastered within the new Earth Flag and declaring myself President of Earth because, well, someone’s gotta do it and why not someone reluctant like me?

“Look at my humility!” or “Look at how true to the Scientific method I am by not questioning the scientific method itself” or other forms of what seem to be blatant but invisible hypocrisy to one’s own self-professed ideals, is why I do it.

Like most people, I think I have all the answers. “If only they’d listen to ME, the world would be better.” Well, would it? Unlikely. Yet I happily proclaim all the answers to everything just the same.

So, for me, the role of the village idiot is about the best I can do. I don’t want to go the route of “I now know I can say nothing for my words are like straw”, because that’s just… well, a silly waste of time, and opportunities for my ego to get wrecked so I can learn better ways to recover always results in something useful learned.

And by self-promotion combined with self-mockery, I can get away with it tongue emoticon

and I remind folks, “I’m NOT A ROLE MODEL, please”. So far, so good tongue emoticon whenever someone tries, I usually find some way to do something that gets them to knock me down a peg or two in their estimation. It’s the curse of being good with words. You’re good with words in an equal or better fashion, so you know their power. here, meet your new Earth president. its ok. I’m a good leader. But learn the new Earth Song please. I picked it myself smile emoticon

[I suppose in the end I’m an absurdist but I prefer fancy words like – or Holy Fool or whatever. I get the best of both worlds that way- I get to present my ideas and mock the world of their arrogance and blindness by making myself do it as if I am serious because, at some level I am… and I know how ridiculous that is in the grand scheme]. But everbody’s got to follow their bliss (yeah, I’m a big Campbell fan) – which is why I try to test things out only on myself and say, “HEY KIDS, DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME!” until I’m sure it’s a good thing, like the power of friendship, the power of introspection, and stuff like that.

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