SO CLOSE to it all; your …

hahaha actually Naw, Joseph you are one of the most creative, artistic, inventive, insightful, amazing people that I know. And I’m not just saying that because you’re awesome and blow my mind on a regular basis. Not quite being able to get “it” out of the mind to be able to show the world what’s inside is VERY frustrating. It’s *almost* possible but its never 100% satisfactory. THAT’S depressi…ng. BUT: it doesn’t have to be. Imagine if you gave up being a Creative and a Creator when you were very little, because somebody was having a bad day and decided your art wasn’t worth their time and you simply, GAVE UP forever, or worse, channeled your creativity into chronic Lying? No! You are HONEST, not just to the world, but to yourself. And you are your harshest, hardest critic. All the flaws you see are because you are SO CLOSE to it all; your … “

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