snippets of inspiration.

Actually, I haven’t smile emoticon I probably should – my list of probably should read books is very very long. Alas, I haven’t watched hardly any TV in about two years, I go to the library a LOT mostly for the atmosphere, and have the entirely Dewey Decimal system generally memorized… and I like to walk around and see a number or title that grabs my at that very moment, flip it open to a random page, glance at the index if 1/2 interesting…. randomly flip around a bit more, then put back…

snippets of inspiration. I don’t know the last time I read a book left to right, cover to cover… I get past page 10 and the right side of my body cramps into a frozen “turn” position that can’t snap back making it impossible to get to page 11.

Yet I can live on wikipedia and websites and facebook and such. Go figure.

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