snapchat – the illusion of privacy

yeah.  I’m on it – I’m usually on everything. Only received a few … um.. questionable pics.  They… got the boot off my snapchat. [I responded ‘you can contact me in public online places only please, thank you’ – and then zapped them]   It was nice of them to share but… no.  Had a couple of nice convos on there… but I try to avoid it because the whole “illusion of privacy” thing they do… making people think “_oh we delete your stuff, yes, yes we do*

*except in cases where police matters require us to open up our backup systems to divulge criminal activity that has been taking place utilizing our services, according to national and international laws

So, I don’t care for snapchat on principle.  Fools people into a false sense of security.  Still, I check it weakly.  [weekly.. and weakly at that.  I always get a case of… ‘ok what now hope it’s just a ‘hey ken’ and it usually is, thankfully]

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