Snake oil. It’s fuel for the economy.

This is why homeopathy will continue to be allowed. Placebo _is_ an effective solution for many medical problems. Doctor’s advice is littered with it. “Take two aspirin and call me in the morning” cliche.

Believers can point to “prayer works” because:
a) nature does what nature does anyway
b) placebo (belief in the cure) improves healing

and the pharmaceutical industries ran shy of patentable solutions to common ailments years ago.

They just keep reformulating through technicalities to get issued more 7 year patents to continue profitability which is getting harder and harder.

When I was there, Claritin was going off patent and they were about to release Clarinex, which was created by flipping the chirality of the molecule around and thankfully it was still effective. [it isn’t always].

Yet what do any of those newer antihistimines have over Benedryl?

Not getting as sleepy?

In short, not much. They came up with the most effective solution long ago.

If you look at the Emergency kits that the World Health Organization (itself with SOME questionable decisions but generally they really do their best) – you can find pretty much everything you could possibly need to handle basic medicinal life-saving measures.

All simple stuff. I don’t remember them all. Lorazapam I think is one (anti-psychotic/anti-anxiety), Benedryl (Epi-pens and pills), Adrenyline shots….

All simple stuff. Most pharmaceutally solved problems AREN’T really problems at all in the grand scheme, just shit you gotta deal with. The statistical difference between a snake-oil homeopathic remedy and an FDA approved prescription to ease your chest cough is sometimes not very much at all.

Snake oil. It’s fuel for the economy.

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