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Never went straight to GABA stuff but yeah the uber-mega-super-X-factor B-Vitamins thing I’ve been there. Felt like I was burping up vomit after taking them but I took them because they felt GREAT… at first, so I had to figure out what EXACTLY I needed.

My diet’s pretty diverse. It likes meat and salads + other veggies. I stay away from “white stuff” as much as possible. Not obsessively, but I found that in principle, the “no white flour/no white sugar” thing is pretty accurate for health.

Fat-wise, I make sure I get some kind of “thin fat” like olive oil or fish oil or whatever.

I analogize like this: It’s mineral oil. It gets in the smaller cracks and crevices internally. Fat’s used to heal blood vessels, among other things, and your body uses whatever fat molecules it finds.

So if I eat something with globby yuck fat, I make sure I ALSO give it some good fat that same day.

The powdered creamer in my coffee is transfat-land but that’s the concession I give myself because I like it better than any natural alternative tongue emoticon

I have a mental category for the antioxidents:

I put curry, chocolate, tumeric, coffee, tea… and there’s a few others… in the “very small molecule” category. The very small molecules grab the excess oxygen in the blood and flush it out.

I think of the light oils/fats in the same way. They’re the mineral oil of the body – the WD40 – performing the same function. Lubricate and protect.

I don’t drink much but when I do, I consider it a health drink. Alcohol is an excellent cleanser; it gets the residue of a sticker off a window, and also gets the sticky residue out of my braincells.

If I think of it, sometimes I’ll pick up a nice bottle of something and have a shot as a “cleanser”.. and it’s on my list of “one of these days” to get back on a one-a-day habit just for that reason alone.

To me body’s a machine.


Thanks – I’m always on the search for “most accurate analogies” for things and that’s the best i could find. Cuts through a lot of the language they use to get to the heart of “why”.

Also, between msgs, I had a big shot of Captain Morgan. Salut! Gotta get the gummy residue (probably from all the cigarettes I smoke) out of my brain cells sometimes – makes room for more tongue emoticon

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