slides back down the wall …

Not at all, Ahmad. Yours is a well-needed perspective on my over-simplified “everything will be great if you do this one magical thing” idea. And you are absolutely right: Constraints go far deeper than a simple, “I CHOOSE NO LIMITS” as a fix. And layers upon layers of complexity within each of us, amounts to not sitting in an open jail cell but more akin to a jail cell in the midsts of a multi-…dimensional maze, with multiple floors and ceilings, with many doors that, while technically open, have rusted hinges that take a lot of work to unstick, and no oil to lubricate the hinges with, or with keys that are bent and need to be straightened, levels so high that one would have to be Spiderman to climb up slippery, mossy walls, where changing gravity renders days, months and years of effort very nearly wasted as one slides back down the wall … “

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