Skeptical Generalist

I found a marvelous phrase: Skeptical Generalist. It inspired me to create a group that you’re welcome to join.

I consider skeptical generalist to be different from a “James Randi” style skepticism or any singular methodology. Similar sets of evidence taken from different perspectives can lead to a diverse set of conclusions. In short, all roads don’t lead to Rome.

I read through Kurt Lewin’s “Topological Psychology” yesterday and discovered this morning that he was fascinated with JFK’s method to avoid “groupthink” among his cabinet. Researching that led me to an author that used the phrase “skeptical generalist” which I hadn’t heard before. It seems quite suitable and describes how I think quite well.

I may be implying that a “Reason-only” approach is wrong: but I’m not: Rather, I put systems such as logic as useful tools in a larger toolbox of available methodologies for knowledge discovery and clarification.


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