Since Goethe presents the more general case, and Newton the specialized case, this makes Goethe more correct than Newton

You’re welcome! it’s awesome stuff here. For example, he saw Newton’s experiment as a “special case”. I continued watching the where they demonstrate it: if they use a tiny slit instead of white box, that’s where you begin to see green get born from the combination of blue and yellow, recreating Newton’s rainbow..

Since Goethe presents the more general case, and Newton the specialized case, this makes Goethe more correct than Newton about the color spectrum and the nature of colors. [this is my interpretation anyway]. I’m liking this stuff a lot.

I started to (I began to skim) but then I wondered, “who is this guy writing at long length to prove his idea that is disproving legends? After all, he must be a legend too”.

While I take rationalwiki with a grain of salt, I try to be careful what I digest.

This isn’t to say he’s wrong but I try to see as much of a situation as possible.


But from a darkiness -> light pov, I could see where one could see the only two are red + violet with the others coming out from them. Seems a legitimate variation of Goethe.


I’m investigating where lots of eyes have observed, critiqued and commented and tested before investigating lone wolves.

I’ve followed a few lone wolves before. Milo Wolff had my attention for a few years (standing wave theory), and I once wrote 20 pages on my “leaky triangle” idea before I realized I might end up doing a cube world or time cube (I forgot what it was called).

I proceed cautiously. Right now, I’m rediscovering Goethe who I didn’t understand in middle school yet I never liked how standard physics tries to explain colors either. Goethe was the missing bit so I’m going down that trail.

I’m far from the “now let me debunk Goethe” point yet. Can’t debunk what I don’t fully understand yet.


I have it open in a tab. I’ll check it out but only once I’ve fully digested Goethe and those who were inspired by him. [I was happy to find out one of my heroes from chaos theory was hugely inspired by Goethe’s color theory as chaos theory has been a love of mine for … ergh, 27 years now].

So I have to make connections that make sense to me first.

And no, Newton was far from a lone wolf. He was the head of how many things? Prominent guy. Famous in his lifetime. That said, I have nothing against lone wolves. I’m’ one. I can relate. But I have to build up sturdy knowledge before venturing into further off territories.

For example, I know one of Goethe’s folks, Steiner, from Waldorf / Montessori education / and some theosophy stuff. So, I know where I can listen to Steiner and where have no problem ignoring him on.. the parts that are good and the parts that are ‘out there’.

So this is how I’m proceeding. But I have your guy in a tab and will check him out once I’ve built up my Goethe-inspired tree better. As of two days ago, I didn’t know one existed.


Like here for example: I never understood his color wheel. I didn’t even know it was his. It was just some weird thing from art class that didn’t make any sense at all to me. Never understood how to read it.

But after going through this video, I’m ‘getting it’. Here’s Yellow (arises from light against dark) and cyan (arising from dark against light) and it’s that level of color depth because the yellow and cyan balance and the yellow sun meets with the cyan sky, just as a reddish sun will meet with a more violet sky – or something like that.

But then there’s green sitting at the bottom. That’s plants. Chlorophyll. Life.

So here’s light on left, dark on right, and life in the middle.

Mind blown? Yup. I have to pursue Goethe’s way and understand it before I can venture further.



It all started when I made a post describing the colors I saw… and a bunch of people corrected me. In that was a deep discussion about magenta which I knew *nothing* about… and next thing I know, I find myself learning what never made sense in middle school art class. *Finally* I get it.



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