*sigh* nicotine became mine.

*sigh* nicotine became mine. It works tho’. I tried crack twice in my life. I REALLY liked it. Like.. I really liked it. But it was literally: twice.

Soda can with holes. Attic. Teenager.

Took 10 years before I couldn’t taste the plastic anymore… waaaay deep in the back of my throat. It wasn’t a craving just more like a itch that would be nice to scratch sometime.


I’m a heavy smoker. 1.5-2.5 a day. I did vape for a whole year once – it was like switching to splenda from sugar. I’ll probably vape again and wean myself off nicotine again. Did it once – I could do it again.


Well, I like smoking. Even when I vaped, I never called myself a quitter and wouldn’t let anybody else call me a quitter either. I suspect there’s some kind of pharma med that I ‘oughtta’ be on like Welbutrin or ADHD meds or Lorazapam or whatever but eh, this works for now. Deep breathing, staying centered, keeping rational in highly charged situations – that stuff helps too.


I also drink about a pot and a half of coffee a day. I’m sure I’m supplementing _some_ need that a simple pill would fix but then I’m stuck with that instead tongue emoticon



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