sifferent – both same and different… different classes of equivilence relations… hm.


  • You said “How do you capture the concept that two apples are both two apples and also different to which using them for numerical quantity would be ultimately dishonest?”. I have tried to explain that same issue to other mathematicians. We can do it with different classes of equivalence relations with varying degrees of intensionality/extensionality (the level of composition of what is being compared in the equivalence relation).
  • Kenneth Udut El Ché – That makes sense. I like that solution. I’m amazed that I completely understand every word that you’re saying, considering I have no background in math; but a year and a half of being buried ’til 5am in Wikipedia, studying the nature of ambiguity and uncertainty from various perspectives.. and finding the “holes” in various philosophies and worldviews… I guess I picked up a few vocabulary words. Thank you El Che – I think you’ve given me validation from a more specific perspective. I like validation. Gives warm fuzzies and a restoration of purpose.
  • Kenneth Udut El Ché I wonder though, is it ever possible to have a point where no one could say, “yeah, but what about ______ ?” without having a ready and satisfying answer? Hm. Somebody recently asked that question somewhere in a different form and you were part of it.. what *was* that? Where was that? ugh,silly memory.


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