“Show your work” always bothered me as a kid though ’cause I

“Show your work” always bothered me as a kid though ’cause I would do things in my head and the answer would just “pop in”. Could I always prove *how* I did it? No. Sometimes I just ‘knew’ the answer.

Even today, I can stand behind someone at the supermarket and look at their pile of groceries.

I look at their groceries and guess how much it’ll come to, just at a glance.

I’m usually within $5.00 of their total.

How? I dunno. I just let my mind do the work.


Yeah – taht’s what always bothered me about ‘show your work’, because I came up with answers differently than they taught

The thing is: THAT’S the beauty of math! You have many, many roads to get to the same answer.

I understand why they want to teach “one standard way” – it makes it easier for them to teach and grade things.

But math’s flexibility, to me, is what makes it amazing. For me, for example, when I have to do math stuff, I never use formulas like they taught us. Instead, I go into Microsoft Excel. It has more flexibility than a formula because I can break things down into logical pieces, work with different parts separately, try “what if” scenerios and stuff.

Plus, I can write/run some VBA (visual basic) code on it to get even more flexibility.

But teaching us math the same way they did 100 years ago, to me, kinda holds things back.



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