SHow up as 100% AI in IAB2

SHow up as 100% AI in IAB2
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6. system systems logic knowledge work computer human programming language basic math set mathematics working data level based computers ideas understanding model general technology results ai limited project information engineering languages built fact problems thinking basis process short tool written field theory terms future machine present complete current including similar design processes area solution social common manager code approach natural task goal practical areas create skills impossible models business designed related base today operator works engineer product lead study reason education processing creative mathematical precision methods control successful resources applied accurate idea experiment allowing interest environment sources levels power external artificial

12. problem language number dragon program visual step question simple rules text case fig order means logical end important brain set called process part line pattern structure point image result human intelligence issue work equivalent easy clear main single form algorithms complex required cognitive higher left improve icon intellectual mental algorithm answer specific information solve tools concept activity drawing block add time understand cycle words method difficult cases mind parts development shows ability material include shown loop signs position small quality examples branch icons description view situation principle effective formula route action creating programs images expression control effort function turn takes
20. things brain reality thinking humans perfect thought experience mind bpm paper patterns explain thoughts nature similar lines perspective moment numbers concept simply map whats concepts analogy form metaphors human short idea isnt analogies point sense imagine imagination brains part minds thing reason exist complicated metaphor understand meaning fit inside moving measure world draw describe simple easily certainty connections universe tend dimensions notice perfectly physical emotion side forms internal context properly dimension simultaneously points place subjective machines exists backwards based find uncertainty fully object speak emotional words close shape embodied cognition limitations move flat lot circle cognitive ability flaws connection comprehend
17. youre school feel good wrong learn answer feeling question mind thinking teacher learning normal control answers middle ive education important teach writing special learned teachers test questions find head hear strong heart fear asked emotions supposed common fix teaching people give problems youve thoughts emotional work helps hands positive figure math whats wouldnt dont high class takes taught reading core creativity practice response helping isnt realize helped peoples mad feels happiness feelings knowing personality put listen ears elses students mental works training interested ways hard situation share doubt arms fail success read ear slow aware face stress ignore kind sharing

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