Should puberty blockers be banned, Zee? What is wrong with current protocols?

Should puberty blockers be banned, Zee?
What is wrong with current protocols?


With that in mind:
“That’s why it’s important to give it time without additional medication like ‘puberty blockers’.”

giving it time is why it’s prescribed.


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So, do you think current protocols are broken?
  “but in some cases would it not be wiser to let the child go through puberty without interfering?”How do you know they don’t exhaust other opinions first if you don’t know the protocols?
 You’re asking them to stop without knowing what they do.
 It’s akin to what delayed stem cell research. They did not know what stem cell research did, so they pushed for research to be delayed or stopped.
 I’m pushing aside the controversy.This single flaw in your thinking is stopping you from a rational approach.
 “In light of the many uncertainties and unknowns, it would be appropriate to describe the use of puberty-blocking treatments for gender dysphoria as experimental. And yet it is not being treated as such by the medical community”That is a political article.It addresses current protocols only perfunctorily manner in order to sway the reader to be against current protocols.But it does not adequately address current protocols in a rational objective fashion.
 Flaw is this:
You’re addressing, in link after link, a singular opinion, that current protocols are wrong and that instead, we should wait.
In none have I seen, laid out bare, from a-z in stepwise fashion, what those current protocols are that are being followed by physicians in their addressing of gender dysphoria.
Are we going in circles now, or will you provide the information I’ve requested?
 These protocols are in active use today.
 Hold up, so you’re not saying the medical profession is doing it wrong?Who is then?
  I’ll abstract it::Zee: Here are 127 reasons why what they’re doing is wrong.Me: What are they doing?Zee: I don’t know. Provide a list.
 Maybe I am mistaken then:It sounded as if all of the links you provided, along with your own opinions, which sounded similar to theirs, were pointing how that there is something wrong with the current way medical science is handling gender dysphoria.Was I wrong?
 Facts wrapped up in an opinion piece, is an opinion piece.
I call it political but that’s a synonym. It’s opinion piece.
 So: Current assessments and protocols are good and the problem is with something earlier? What point is that?
  It is not a set of guidelines. It is not an official policy of any hospital or treatment facility. It is an opinion.
  For those advocating “shouldn’t they wait?”
Insurance makes that decision, after the assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan is outlaid and prescriptions are written.
 That is an opinion piece that is advocating for change in insurance coverage opinions, so facts within should be viewed with that known bias in mind.
  But, they DO have an agenda and advocate.

18,000 endocrinologists are members, so keep that bias in mind, that they want effective treatments for people in their care.


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