Short biography of Kenneth Udut, age 43, religion

This is a fake discussion? Ok. Let’s start over.

Hi. My name is Ken. I’m 43 years old. I live in Naples, Florida USA. I was raised Methodist with a grandmother who believed that Ancient Aliens *might* be real and got me into Doctor Who and Star Trek. I believed in her ancient aliens and Theosophy stuff a little between the ages of 12-14,, then rejected it.

The Methodist church taught me “Be nice to people because it’s nice to be nice” and that’s about all I got out of it.

Religion hopping in my 20s. Decided to find out what UberChristian would be like. Joined Eastern Orthodox Church. Joined a monastery for a short time.

Abandoned it at the age of 30, but never had a bad experience with them. Between 30 and 40 I built a business, got all Science and Mathematics in my personal knowledge quest

Now I’m 43. Agnostic. ALMOST in the Carl Sagan line of thinking but he believed a LITTLE BIT too much on “pure reason”, which to me is mitigated strongly by newer cognitive science.

So, I tend to have CogSci as a basis for many of my assumptions about things and I tend towards a model of Embodied Cognition rather than a computational model of the brain.

I also think/write in metaphors and my understanding of the Universe is through metaphors layered on metaphors and I tend towards a sociohistorical view of humanity, with an emphasis on subculture and the role of the Individual in response to outside social pressures.

Now that you know more than you needed to know, What would you like to talk about?

I’m starting fresh.

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