shh, it’s probably a conspiracy by big money doners to taint the results in order to… ..oh, I can’t do it. Somebody will believe me.

shh, it’s probably a conspiracy by big money doners to taint the results in order to…
..oh, I can’t do it. Somebody will believe me.


Good story but got a map or reference? It’s believable, similar to evo psych is believable, but any references?

Thank you. That’s a good date too, 1500. Seems to be just prior to a turning point historically.

A quick search revealed a possible migration pattern after the point on this map, which is an alternative migration hypothesis.…/artic…/doi/10.1093/gbe/evs119

So while a controversy comes AFTER 1500, it seems that 1500 must be rather solid then, so I accept your map.

“The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses “

The more readable news article summary :


I’m waiting for my test results from 23andme and I don’t know how they break things down yet. But if Jewish is a category, I expect to see some in me. Possibly a lot.

It’d be more interesting than my genealogy research which lands me as:

Boring Plymouth Rock American. [primary families founded Elizabeth NJ and New Haven CT around 1550, hung around those two areas for 500+ years, and I was born a town away from Elizabeth NJ 45 years ago].


I did some genealogy work, building on a great-uncle who was obsessed with it and posted all of his results online back in the 90s, which could then build off of.

I made a Google Fusions table and a silly video with sappy music about a year or two ago when I was done collecting data for now.

But the gene side is going to be really interesting, to see what corresponds and what differs and what adds to things,


I got enough data that if you give me an ancestor of yours from around 100-200 years ago or so, I can prove “how” we’re cousins usually


That’s awesome. My family was never into genealogy for the most part. But I’m a data nut. Give me a shit load of messy data and I’ll clean it up and do _something_ with it .

But I’m also cheap on principal. [old-school ‘every software and everything online should be free mentality]. so I like squirreling around using free resources.


Awesome! I’m not sure how much further I could get than that unless I found Lutheran parish birth records. I’d have to find out either of their parents – or the parents of the siblings by looking up their birth records – something… to get a connection to myself somehow.

1800s is too recent for that. Most of the connections to my tree end up occurring around the 1400s-1500s or so.



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