She’s powerful. So… you want to go with weak? Hm.

She’s powerful. So… you want to go with weak? Hm.

My cat and Trump have the same amount of political experience that put them in positions to make decisions that could result in loss of life.

Trump would make a marginally better President than my cat.


Nvm. Scratch that. Cat’s orders. She scratched that.


He’s got no policies. “Make American Bankrupt”. He knows how to do that. He talks a good game and he’s a pro at duping people. You should see him with foreign investors – he used to be great at duping them ’til they caught on to his shinnangins.

Thing is: I’ve known of Trump since before “Art of the Deal”. That was his only saving grace tbh. Then when the author comes out saying, “Look guys, there’s no private Trump” – honestly? That’s far more logical. No secret plan. Just bluffsville. If he gets in, he *does* have a lack of solid political experience, which means he’ll be taken advantage of by Putin, Congress, the Courts, and everybody else who knows how things really work.


Mind you, Clinton’s a typical no-good politician. I have no idea who I’m voting for at this point. But his “Hey, I speak plain. Plainly, I speak. I speak. Fantastic!” isn’t impressive.

He *did* market himself to a segment of the population that has been ignored for years though.

That part I’m grateful for. Everybody DOES need a voice in a democracy and this group has had their voice denied.

They’re out in the open. They’re going to change the Republican Party into something different, whether it’s Trump or Clinton sitting there in January.

So for that I’m glad. That’s a good change. Everybody needs a voice.

Same thing happened with Sanders. He accomplished that for the disgruntled idealists on the OTHER side of the “nobody’s listening to us” fence.

So, both parties will change. MAYBE a real lthird party will emerge. Damn I hope so.

But as President? Meh. Doesn’t matter anyway. Constitution’s more powerful than anybody who gets up there.

Vote for Trump. He can win. I honestly have no problem with that.

Except.. I’d be embarassed having to explain why “my people” (americans) voted for him to my overseas friends… for four years.

But I had to do that with Bush… and with Clinton before that.


Oh I believe it. The good news is his wings will be clipped the moment he steps into office. He’ll be able to blame it on the media. Blame it on Congress. Blame it on Liberals. Blame it on Obama. Blame it on somebody… and he won’t get anything he talked about accomplished.

Then four years will pass and we’ll move forward as a country, no matter who’s in there.


If he gets in, it’ll strengthen the Democratic party (in response), but the Republican party will be shattered because the people in office will STILL be in office and 1/2 of them won’t cooperate with him.

People make the naive assumption that “Republican Congress / Republican President / Republic Court = efficient government”.

[same if it’s all Democrat].

But it doesn’t work like that. It never works like that. Systems DESIGNED so it can’t work that way. That’s the beauty of our Constitution: EVERYTHING happens SLOWLY (except war of course, but we love war as a nation).

Same will be true for Trump.

But the Republican party will be in an identity crisis for four years if he’s in. I think it MIGHT be possible to see a Centrist party split off from it.

I also expect the same if Clinton gets in because the disgruntled folks who fully expected Trump to get in will be VERY VERY disappointed and might start getting political themselves and start something interesting like another party.


Well, we’ll see how for that goes. I actually like him. I’m not a conservative but I like that he’s trying to do something.

I don’t know if it’ll gain steam though. But I shared his stuff the moment he showed up on my Twitter feed before he announced it and I started researching.

As far as the dems and the emails, what you have now is the Green party gaining a *bit* of traction. That’s where they went off to.

I’m also hopeful that Johnson gets on the debate ticket. I’d REALLY love to see a three way debate. But honestly at this point, I’ll just be glad if Trump shows up for a two party debate. I expect him to get the flu or something but we’ll see.


Johnson was always moderate libertarian though. a “True Libertarian” won’t make it into political office. Can’t. Not possible.

For the libertarian party to get a REAL chance in future elections, _some_ Libertarian has to win at some point. They’re the best shot at a three party system at the moment, unless the Green party managed to start getting itself on the ballet in all 50 states: then they might become a viable option for folks.


I’m going to vote, but I don’t care that much about this particular election, except for the Circus being a little more exciting than typical.

What I care about is USA 50 yrs from now. Two party system’s antiquated and this campaign cycle has shown that MAYBE we’re ready for something slightly more advanced.

Example: I don’t know what they call it, but imagine voting on percentages:

Say: 40% Johnson, 20% Stein, 10% Clinton, 1% Trump. Something like that.

We all have mixed feelings (except for the rare True Believers) and the ability to show that on the ballet would give a truer representation of who people think is viable.


There’s no excuse for a “winner takes all” state. There’s also no excuse for what *I had to go through as an Independent in Florida:

I couldn’t vote in the primaries. FINALLY a Primary to believe in that I can’t participate in. I wasn’t going to “pick a party” and get deluged with a zillion Democrat things. [yeah, I wanted Sanders > Clinton for the Democrat side, although 3/4 of his ideas would never make it through ANY congress either] . I’m not a Democrat. Why would I pretend?


I’d love to see democracy in my lifetime but nope, we just have this ongoing oligarchy. Oh well. I like my roads being taken care of so what can I do.


What keeps me from Trump isn’t so much his mouth. It’s that he’s got _nobody_. Nobody.

He’s got friends in low places, which is great.

But he’s got no friends in high places.

The one guy who DOES like him in high places is Putin, and that’s because Trump’s no threat to Putin, and Putin’s political saavy means he can manipulate Trump easily. Putin wouldn’t want Clinton because she’s a powerful figure who knows the global system, has friends in high places and knows how to make things happen.

Clinton would be a threat to Putin.
Trump would be ice cream.

Again, not crazy about Clinton either. But Trump’s got a hollow space behind the showy package. Having a nice family is nice but that’s ’cause it’s his family. Will WE become “his family” too? None of his prior dealings with non-family shows that at all.

So, I dunno. I wait ’til election day to decide, so I just keep researching and hashing it out with people as I go.

Leaning towards Johnson: I’m a left libertarian – opposite on the spectrum from standard right libertarian type but there’s enough at the core that I could stand an awkward looking cousin up there.



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