She was pulling it towards her, making a crinkling noise,

Freedom Art Wall: it’s a two sided canvas. A cinder block wall turned into a canvas of freedom’s hope may certainly be one of its consequences, although I expect the red and blue solo cup fence with barbed wire topping is what it will be.

But you paint a romantic image and thank you for that. If we do get a genuine wall, I’m hoping that someday, ,it becomes what you say.

As I was writing the above, an old grey kitten-sized cat that made its home on the back lanai with me, found one of the party decorations from my birthday yesterday.

She was pulling it towards her, making a crinkling noise, pushing it away, turned around in circles, and mashed its little rice paper diamond puff shapes into flatness, and made herself a little bed.

The rice-paper pattern is similar to the one below.

But it is now flat, a small cat has turned the decoration into bedding.

There’s a beauty in both purposes yet a destruction as well. So, I don’t know the answer really.


Niece got her when she was 11. Niece is now 25. At some point in her adolescence, the cat left the confines of the house and became an outdoor-only cat. So, when animals end up on the porch, I feed them. A noisy parrot with a crooked leg and bad temperament ended up on the porch once and I fed her for years until she passed of old age. Did the same for a goat, but the goat didn’t live on the porch. Same temperament though.



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