Shattered Red Glass Dream

Shattered Red Glass Dream

My dream involved a gigantic Red Christmas ball coming down at me on the street I grew up on.  It was about the size of a house.

It smashed all over me.  I didn’t feel the impact but I was covered in a foot thick layer of shattered christmas ball class.  I felt the fear of the impact, but not the actual impact, and I was scared and thought for a moment I could feel the pain of the millions of tiny shards of glass all over my skin.

But then I calmed down, seeing red and nothing else, and then a 3rd person perspective shot where I peeled off the glass like an old skin and left it behind on the street.  I walked away, naked, while a strange women living in my childhood home, who had seen the whole thing, was gossiping to her friend on the phone about what she saw, like it was no big deal and happens every day.

[note: before I went to bed, I had watched a documentary about mothers who took care of adult autistic children.   It was about Refrigerator mothers, and the pain of having to deal with the label and the stigma back in the 50s/60s/70s.

Puff the Magic Dragon was a prominent thing about the story that stuck out to me, about little Jackie Paper and how a mother could see a glimpse of the “real him” when his boy (now in his 40s) watched the show.

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