Selected Topic Modeling:

Selected Topic Modeling:
Ran all of my Facebook comments (I could only download from 2008-2021) through a Topic Modeling Tool I had and I selected 21 out of 99 that jumped out at me as I looked at them. If I ran it again, it’s almost impossible to get the same topics or groupings but they’ll be generally similar.
a mind moment experience thoughts feeling thinking feels awareness feelings conscious
b face open eyes eye close closed pictures vision inside door
c science philosophy physics mathematics math fiction universe mathematical psychology sciences
d information lost mental metaphor metaphors analogy connections health physical form
e history follow society culture rules bias narrative historical cultural source
f set reality concepts terms objects concept object categories identity called
g single perspective writing multiple subject nature write end simultaneously bits
h logic order logical rational internal emotional reasoning evidence certainty properly
i hope knowledge things interest trust don missing doubt gaps amazing
j numbers number natural event events structure function conditions expression values
k computer basic computers program code programming ai data machine intelligence
l theory fact notion equivalent category simply conspiracy theories critical chaos
m systems model processes system complex models loop based built cells
n point view purpose prove agreement starting general specific ontology fixed
o find ll interesting hard original fascinating share worth finding flaws
p time space forward move moving limited scale step size smaller
q human humans rights nature behavior lack basic capable ability create
r part process response goal simply act set separate effort takes
s future past based patterns present potential quantum pattern current base
t words word common god context meaning concept core definition magic
u level universe higher energy levels lower gravity space light dimension
[had to convert from JSON to CSV format – a python tool on github I found does it — and the topic modeling tool is a JAVA based one I got on github a while ago and my facebook comments i downloaded two months ago for something else. The Dewey Decimal site I use classified these as:
120: Epistemology, causation & humankind 0.51
501: Philosophy & theory 0.30
160: Logic 0.09

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