Search batch file I made for MS-DOS that used Grep “Simple ASCII Information Extractor Version 1.32″

 SEARCH.BAT – BBS file listings searcher.
@echo off
REM MS-DOS ignores all lines with REM in front of them.  Please keep them
REM in this batch file, though, as you or someone else might need to
REM reference to this in the future.  Kenneth Udut, on 12/28/1992
REM Necessary files: GREP or similar file that searches through text files.
REM The -i parameter means to ignore case (upper or lower).
REM MS-DOS’s “FIND” command will work for files under 64K in length.
REM LIST.  You can use TYPE D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1 | MORE  if you wish or
REM some other text file viewing program, even Wordperfect :-)
REM checks if user typed in anything.  If not, go to JAIL.
if “%1″ == “” GOTO JAILREM Glory lines, as well as useful info about what the user is doing.
echo _________________________________________________________________________
echo Simple ASCII Information Extractor Version 1.32, Kenneth Udut  12/29/1992
ECHO You are searching through all of the text files in D:\SEARCH for “%1″.
echo The results of this search will be placed in D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1.
echo _________________________________________________________________________
echo Searching for “%1″ in D:\SEARCH\*.* …  Please be patient.

REM Places Date and Time plus a blank line in %1.
echo. | more | date | find “Cur” > D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1
echo. | more | time | find “Cur” >> D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1
echo. >> D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1

REM You can see what’s going on with ECHO ON.
REM GREP is a program that searches through text files.  The program FIND,
REM which comes with MS-DOS, works for files under 64K in length.  It is
REM worth your while to search for a program called GREP or with the word
REM GREP in its name, or just any kind of command-line text search program.
REM BEEP is a program I have that beeps when you type it.  You can remove it.
REM LIST is the program that lists the results of the file.  You can use the

GREP -i “%1″ D:\SEARCH\*.* >> D:\SEARCH\RESULTS\%1


REM In case the user didn’t type it a file name, the batch file skips to here.
echo Syntax: SEARCH whatyouwant
echo You may need to customize SEARCH.BAT for your own use.  Please contact
echo Kenneth Udut at (908) 241-6246, on The Juice Bar BBS (908) 298-0764,

echo Best Bet of all:  Contact your local computer guru.  Every place has at
echo least one.  :)                                                    –Ken
echo Finished!                                      CopyMight (c) 12/28/1992



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